Beyond Blaming


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               • To be right.
               • To be treated special (as the suffering victim)
               • Feeds the need for drama
               • To justify self                                                      
               • Avoid looking at self
               • Self-righteous anger offers the illusion of power

   Beyond Blaming

Unleashing Power and Passion in People and Organizations  
              by William Frank Diedrich   

What happens when you choose to give up blaming? Power is unleashed within you. Success comes more easily. Your passion is sparked and it drives you in a positive direction. With blame out of the way, your path to success is open. You can be the powerful being you are meant to be. Your organization can become a focused, engaged, highly competent group that enjoys peak performance.

The question is: "Are you interested and willing to be more powerful?" Are you willing to move out of the neighborhood of victimhood and into the tower of power? If you are, then you are invited on a journey to greatness - a journey beyond blaming."

 Move Beyond Blaming!

William Frank Diedrich is a speaker, executive coach, and the author of Beyond Blaming: Unleashing Power and Passion in People and  Organizations. For information on speaking at events, contact him at  



              • Break free of the vicious cycle of blaming
              • Create a more powerful you
              • Be a more effective leader
              • Unleash your power and passion to accomplish goals
              • Increase power and influence
              • Rebuild relationships

Listen to the Blogtalk Radio Interview with Lucy J. Norris and William Frank Diedrich. (10/10/13)


"One of the main reasons my wife and I got back together, was reading Beyond Blaming."  Michael C., Lansing, Michigan

"I gave my husband Beyond Blaming to read and our marriage changed for the better over the weekend. Thank you."  Christine L., Tucson, AZ

"Beyond Blaming is an excellent guide for a common issue at work and at home. Learning how to stop blaming and respond to others' blaming begins with the first page."  Stephen White

"A most excellent book about learning to take responsibility for our actions. I highly recommend this book as it helps not only to understand one's self, but also, other people around you. Gaston G.

"This is not a book I would have picked up without it coming highly recommended by someone I respect. Even after the first chapter I knew I had something unique in my hands. Great insight! Causes you to reflect and change. Very glad I read it.    JJ

"William Diedrich's writing is 'radical'  in that it takes you directly to the root of an issue. He teaches us the proper sequence of problem solving by leading us inward with clarity and integrity. Bill lives what he teaches and is a favorite speaker and workshop presenter among our congregation."  
Rev. Barbara Jung, South Bend, IN

"My business has everything to do with helping people succeed, but that success is tied to how much they grow personally. One of the most important factors to success is a person's ability to take responsibility for their life. One of the biggest limiting factors is a person's inability to take responsibility. I loved your book because you demonstrate the ineffective thinking that is behind blaming others. You state that blaming is a weakness you have overcome. Someone who has overcome a weakness is always the best qualified to teach others how to do the same. Thanks for writing a great book."
Bill Lewis, Hawaiian Blue Diamond Distributor, The TEAM, Policy Council Member 

"Beyond Blaming presents important advice and opportunities for growth for an organization. Author Bill Diedrich captures and identifies examples of unproductive and counterproductive applications of human and organizational energies, talent, time, and resources too frequently devoted to blame as opposed to corrective and growth opportunities. Every organization would profit by addressing every issue for its future potential, even if in limiting future missteps, rather than documenting and promoting perceived trails of fault. Beyond Blaming carries an important message."
Dennis Koons, CAE, JD, President and CEO,  Michigan Bankers Association

"If you want to move from a mindset of blaming to a mindset of balance, Beyond Blaming by Bill Diedrich is the only book you will ever need to read on the subject."
Philippe Matthews (Publisher:

"Once again, William Diedrich, in his insightful book Beyond Blaming addresses complex issues with courage and integrity. He outlines simple yet effective strategies to resolve inner conflict, create rich relationships and manage the paradoxes of power. In effect he opens a kaleidoscope of possibilities enabling the reader to create a more successful personal andprofessional life.”
Dolores Cummins, CEO, Lifelink International

"A profound and timely book. Beyond Blaming will make a dramatic difference for those serious about increasing personal power and inspiring extraordinary performance in others."
Tess Marshall, Author of Flying by the Seat of My Soul