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The Introduction from Adults at Work

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• Greater control of self and greater influence in any situation.

•Tools for dis-creating limiting fears and beliefs.  

• How to effectively manage egos--yours and others'.

• Decreased stress.

• Ability to quickly diffuse negative emotions

• Discover and release limiting fears and beliefs

• Effectively manage egos—yours and other’s

• Insights  on building a more “adult” (professional and meaningful) environment in the workplace

•  Build an understanding of how leaders, whether you have a title or not, create a field, or environment, that guarantees great service  and high performance

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Adults at Work is an interactive and insightful workshop that helps participants to sometimes discover and always reinforce the inner adult, that being inside each of us who understands how to effectively navigate life, relationships, and work.


Adults at Work: The Workshop
Varies in length from half to whole day.

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If I could share one brilliant thought with the world, one piece of advice that would help any person be successful in all aspects of life, that would create a breakthrough in human organizations, and that would add joy and confidence, this is what I'd want to pass along to you: Grow up. 
It sounds a little abrupt, I know, but not many of us manage to become real adults. We don’t actually mature; we just learn how to act in public. Some of us don’t even do that well, since there are so few real adult role models in public life. The good news is that you have an inner adult. This adult has already come forth at times, offering wisdom, strength, and care. In these moments you have felt fearless and confident, yet aware of the needs of others.
Evolution as an adult begins with being witness to yourself. Step outside of yourself in various situations, and notice what you do, how you react, and who you become. Observe your thinking. What thoughts cause you to speak, feel and act the way you do? Witnessing yourself is self-consciousness. This is not the self-consciousness where you worry about how you are viewed. This is nonjudgmental, self-consciousness. Watch yourself and take notes.
As you are observing yourself in various situations, are you a center of influence, or are you a center of attention? A center of influence is aware that every thought, emotion, word, and behavior he expresses has an effect. If you are in a difficult situation with someone, you ask yourself, "What effect did my communication have on that person and on that situation? Who was I being in that moment?” As a center of influence you see others in terms of their needs, not yours. This is how a real adult sees the world.
As a center of attention you see other people and the world through the lens of what they have done to you, or according to what they should be doing for you, around whom the universe revolves. As a center of attention you see others in terms of your needs, not theirs. This is how a child sees the world.
Real adults are still emotional beings who make mistakes. Awareness and ownership are the difference. You observe yourself, catch yourself, and make corrections.
As an observer of yourself and others, you know that adult leadership is needed to help your workplace, government, or community thrive. Leadership is stepping up. It is creating a vision and moving toward it, inspiring others as you go. It is the ability to avoid being a center of attention and become a true center of influence. Real leaders are accountable. They are authentic adults. 
Organizations will run more effectively when we have more leaders functioning as authentic adults. This book is about discovering and cultivating the adult within you. Stories about real adults and how they have influenced others will provide examples. Each chapter concludes with specific questions and practices you can use to support your own evolution. If you implement them, you will find yourself growing in confidence and effectiveness. You will influence people and together, you will build organizations that encourage and support others to become more adult-like.
In our world we often define success in terms of fame, accomplishments, and financial standing. Allow me to demonstrate for you, through the stories, actions, and ideas in this book, that the  greatest success is becoming an authentic adult.