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The Road Home is inspiring, insightful, practical, and helpful. The image below is an actual book, well-used by a reader who read and studied it.

Chapter 7:

The Prodigal's Brother--Learning to Receive
The ink drawing above was created by Joshua Diedrich http://joshuadiedrich.com and it captures the theme of prodigal son very well. The chapter offers insight into the the older son, who stayed at home, and how many of us are like him .

Chapter 1:   Growing Up 15 
Chapter 2:  I Want Success Now!  40
Chapter 3:  Learning To Let Go  64
Chapter 4:  Learning to Release Fear, Pain, and Struggle   73 
Chapter 5:  Love and Forgiveness  85
Chapter 6: From Victim to Victor 106
Chapter 7:  The Prodigal's Brother--Learning to Receive  116
Chapter 8:  Relationships 130
Chapter 9:  Defenselessness 143 
Chapter 10: Changing Negative Thoughts 153 
Chapter 11: Fulfillment from Within 165 
Chapter 12: Leading with your Soul 182 
Chapter 13: Bringing your Soul to Work 207 
Chapter 14: Co-Creation 229 
Chapter 15: Getting Closer to God 241 
Chapter 16: I am Here to be Truly Helpful 252 
Chapter 17: From Religion to Spirituality 266 
Chapter 18: Deliver us from Evil 279 
Chapter 19: The Leap 293 
Chapter 20: Living with a Bold Heart: Compassion 306
Epilogue:  316

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The Road Home

The Journey Beyond The Spiritual Quick Fix
by William Frank Diedrich

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​ The Road home is a profound and moving story of spiritual growth. It journeys beyond quick fixes for success to the inner reaches of the soul. The author seeks answers, not on some mountaintop or in a remote monastery, but in the midst of every day life. His own struggles in relationships, finances, work, health, and self-image become a map to find a treasure within.

This ink drawing was created by Joshua Diedrich http://joshuadiedrich.com.  The author learns lessons about letting go and questions the meaning of existence.  Joshua also has nineteen other drawings in the book, one for each chapter.

Chapter 13:
How do you deal with the "jerk" at work. Insight on this and other issues of your soul at work is found in this chapter.

"I loved this book's courageous honesty and shimmering passion."  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

"THE ROAD HOME is every person's story. I urge people to read this book carefully, practice the teachings, and experience peace and the joy of living."
Reverend Amalie Frank, Author of AMALIE'S GOOD WORDS.

"The Road Home is a must read. The author's amazingly honest, transformative journey is one everyone can identify with and benefit from. Thank you, Bill, for sharing yourself, your truths, and your spiritual growth."
Susan Wolf Sternberg, MSW, CSW, Author of A YEAR OF MIRACLES

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​​Chapter 5:

Love and Forgiveness
This ink drawing was created by Joshua Diedrich http://joshuadiedrich.com   and it captures the theme of this chapter very well. Forgiveness of parents and spouses is presented in a way that makes it real and possible.

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