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Death By Meeting

Workshop Experiences with William Frank Diedrich

How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist

 Changing how you see to find new opportunities and solutions

Most humans live their lives as centers of attention, focused on how others and the world affect them. We achieve some measure of adulthood as we begin to live as centers of influence—recognizing that everything we think, feel, say, and do has an effect on the people around us, upon our bodies, and upon our life circumstances. A spiritual adult is one who has developed his/her emotional and spiritual intelligences. As an adult we no longer need to focus on our own needs, but we know that our needs are met. We can focus on our respective purposes for being on earth.

In this workshop, Sculptor Joshua Diedrich and Facilitator William Diedrich take you through several exercises that will assist you to:

This learning session is discussion-based with targeted content which will help participants to create a productive, team-based, high-trust environment. We will expand awareness of thoughts and behaviors and how they affect team members. We will learn and apply how to increase positive influence with team members. Participants will strengthen their confidence and skills as leaders. 

As a result conflicts, both external and internal, will be resolved.

4 to 4.5 hours  (flexible)

Adults at Work

 Mastering Egos and Emotions at Work

1. Becoming the leader your team needs you to be.
Includes content, self-assessment, and discussion

2.  How leaders influence.  
Includes content and discussion

3.  Your mission as a leader and your vision for your team.

4,  Establishing expectations and boundaries.
Content, discussion, and activity

What participants will take away from this workshop:

Learning Outcomes:



1. Greater control of self and greater influence in any situation.
2. Tools for dis-creating limiting fears and beliefs.  
3. How to effectively manage egos--yours and others'.
4. Decreased stress.
5. Ability to quickly diffuse negative emotions
6. Discover and release limiting fears and beliefs
7. Effectively manage egos—yours and other’s
8. Insights  on building a more “adult” (professional and meaningful) environment in the workplace
9. Build an understanding of how leaders, whether you have a title or not, create a field, or environment, that guarantees great service  and high performance

To schedule a workshop or learn more about this workshop, contact us at Theroadhome@comcast.net

Participants take the everything DISC profile online then meet in a workshop setting to discuss. My preferred group is a team or department of people who work together. In this setting we learn the DISC basics and spend time in pairs using the DISC Comparison Reports. These reports facilitate communication and relationship building between team members.

How do we build strong, healthy relationships at work and in life? How do we influence our organizations—also our families in more positive ways? In this interactive presentation participants   will be given tools and awareness which you can apply to answer these questions for yourself.

Customized to specific leadership teams 

Up to 4.5 hours plus follow-up

• Stronger relationships between colleagues.

• More effective communication based on knowledge of styles.

• Improved communication between team members.

• Tools for resolving conflict based on style.

• Clarity in interpersonal communication, especially in giving each other feedback.

From 2 to 4 hours

Real Leadership

Growing into spiritual adulthood is natural and something anyone can do—if you are willing and have the will.

Expect a transformative experience along with specific emotional/spiritual methodology to take home with you.

From 2 to 6 hours (customized)

     • Instantly re-wire your thinking and help you see the world in a new way

    • Expand perception to enhance innovation, creativity, and potential breakthroughs in your work and in your life.

    • Learn and practice the skills of a master artist 

    • Learn to recognize subtleties in people and situations that you may have missed in the past

    • See new possibilities for personal interactions, creativity, entrepreneurship, and self-awareness 

1 hour or less

Based on the book of the same title by Patrick Lencioni

This insightful and practical workshop offers specific awarenesses, and opportunities for non-judgmental reflection. Emotional/spiritual techniques are included.

Everything DISC Workplace Profile

In this 1.5 hour workshop participants are introduced to four types of meetings, key ideas for engaging meeting participants, methods for engaging in productive conflict, and more. This same workshop can be customized for specific teams or groups in a slightly longer timeframe. 

This workshop offers participants awareness, strategies, and techniques based on research from the Emotional Intelligence literature, Physiology, Stress Management, Neuroscience (brain research), and many sources outside these fields. Guest speaker Julie Dillon joins me to teach specific movement and breath exercises for managing stress and emotions. This will be a practical approach, not an academic one. It will be interactive rather than lecture-based.

Emotional Intelligence

 Advanced Practices

This workshop is based on my book, Adults at Work:

How Individuals and Organizations Can Grow Up

Spiritual Adulthood

 Developing Our Emotional & Spiritual Intelligences

Building Positive Influence in Relationships and Organizations

Everything DISC Workplace Profile

Innovation, creativity, and breakthroughs take place at the edge,  on the outer rings of your competencies and comfort zone, where perceptions and knowledge differ from your own. Explore the edge with us. Increase your capacity for innovation, creativity, and leadership.

• Enhanced leadership effectiveness via emotional intelligence

• Increased awareness of participants’ own emotions and resulting behaviors

 •Understanding of how emotions drive behavior

• Practices for utilizing emotion for personal breakthroughs

• Increased ability to read and effectively respond to the emotions of others

•Increased awareness and understanding of the emotional state of the participant’s workplace

•Ability to assess whether or not basic emotional needs of the participant and others are met

• Learn specific tools for developing emotional intelligence

• Opportunity to increase participant’s E.Q. within the timeframe of this session

• Tools and practices for stress management and emotional control

1. Adults at Work: Mastering Egos and Emotions at Work

2. Emotional Intelligence: Advanced Practices

3. Death By Meeting (Based on the book of the same title by Patrick Lencioni)

4. Everything DISC Workplace Profile

5. Building Positive Influence in Relationships and Organizations

6. Real Leadership

7. How to Think Like a Leader and an Artist: Changing how you see to find new opportunities and solutions

Changing how you see to find new opportunities and solutions

8. Spiritual Adulthood

For more information of to book a workshop, contact William Frank Diedrich

at Theroadhome@comcast.net